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Everyday, our values drive how we respond to words and images.  Our values are at the core of our relationships with brands and issues, and now more than 50% of online consumers take into account company's values when making a purchasing decision.  It’s 70% for Millennials.  Today, stakeholders, like employees, customers and investors are demanding that companies weigh in on social issues in an authentic and meaningful way.   We help you make positive, lasting connections and mitigate the risks of alienating people across all kinds of communication channels.

Pluralytics’ ValuesFinder™ software uses machine learning and natural language processing to analyze and parse millions of words, phrases and related signals.  We’ve created a set of proprietary language “dictionaries” based on human values that can infuse messaging, brand positioning, and customer insights with scientific precision.  

Our platform identifies the words and phrases that are unique to people’s values sets so brands can deepen their connections with current customers and are more likely to increase outcomes of their communication with new audiences. We know and can predict what words will move your customers to action, drive ROI and can measure how consistently you are delivering on your own brand ValuesVoice™ across platforms.  

Want to cut through the noise and see how your language is connecting with values-driven consumers?  Click here to request a free ValueFinder™ Snapshot.