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COVID-19 Study

"COVID-19 and our words:
Are we speaking the same language?"


In the era of COVID-19, words have enormous power to influence, to divide, or to help us find common ground.

To transcend differences between many groups of people, Pluralytics is building a leading-edge language intelligence platform using natural language processing and behavioral science to read content and understand who it appeals to and provide content intelligence on values alignment in all communications; we call it the valuesfinder™.

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In this study, we used our platform to analyze the words used by 10 news/information websites widely considered to be liberal-leaning or conservative-leaning to cover COVID-19 during a 24-hour period in April.  These news sites are a proxy for a broader conversation that is driven by many kinds of stakeholders. Here is what we found:

  • Polarization of American COVID-19 conversation is evident by the striking word differences in liberal-leaning and conservative-leaning language.

  • When the words analyzed were grouped into shared themes, their rankings and emphasis were different across liberal-leaning and conservative-leaning sites. Liberal-leaning sites prioritized words associated with Health, Politics and Community, while conservative-leaning sites favored....           

of our cities; ethics; leadership; and democracy. How about a halting economy that in many sectors has collapsed? The list goes on.

and the workplace; the fate of our