Pluralytics is the first language intelligence solution powered by people's values.  From email to social and web, our platform “reads” content, tells you who it appeals to - and why - and then recommends language to deepen engagement.
Our leading-edge approach is rooted in behavioral science and machine learning and identifies whether a company speaks effectively to its values-driven customers, shareholders or employees. In a deeply fragmented, polarized marketplace, more than 50% of all consumers use values when making purchasing decisions, and almost every word we choose conveys values.  

Using an analysis of more than 20 million words and phrases, we have uncovered patterns that predict how language will appeal to someone's values. The technology has been tested with a Fortune 500 innovator, achieving 140% increase in engagement and we have launched a successful Early Adopter Program. Leading experts in the field have praised our methodology, including recommending publication in peer-reviewed journals.

We have cracked the code on engaging key values-driven consumer segments across demos and generations, including Millennials and GenZ.

Pluralytics was selected by the prestigious Creative Destruction Lab (CDL) —a highly competitive, seed- stage program for startups that employ innovations in technology and business models that promise a chance of delivering massive improvements to economic productivity and human welfare.

Let us help you build deep connections, understand language with scientific precision and hit the mark in every communication.


Alisa Miller
CEO & Co-Founder

Alisa, named by Fast Co as a Most Influential Woman in Technology, is a ground-breaking C- suite leader and innovator in media, marketing, audience engagement and education/EdTech. She brings deep experience in applying human-centered design and big data to drive business transformation and purposeful change.

Rick Byrne
COO & Co-Founder

Rick is a leading digital media and communications executive with a proven track record of creating compelling digital experiences that leverage technology and storytelling to drive audience and engagement.  His efforts have helped consequential journalism reach millions of people.