Consumers are expressing their values with their wallets and companies are struggling to keep up, especially in their communications.
Today more than ever, consumers are factoring in values when making purchasing decisions. 

According to Accenture, “Consumers expect that brands align with their personal values and stand for something bigger than what they sell.”  Pluralytics helps companies use science and technology to address the rise of the values-based consumer, by understanding and choosing language that deeply and positively connects with them.  Companies use Pluralytics’ ValuesFinder platform to gain unprecedented insights into language and messaging that connects with customers to improve engagement, increase outcomes and mitigate the real risks of choosing the wrong words.

We provide scaled, scientific precision to help marketing teams generate more powerful communication.  Nothing is left to chance or gut feelings.  When you log into the Pluralytics platform, you get proven analysis and data to drive your positioning and message creation.

ValuesFinder Audit
Pluralytics is the only solution that helps companies achieve critical values alignment in every communication but first, do you know how you are speaking?  We provide deep intelligence: from your email campaigns to your social content to your website. ValuesFinder
reads content, tells you which value sets and values-driven consumer groups it will connect with — and why.

Interested in a quick look at what values language you are speaking and who it connects with?  Click here to request a free ValueFinder™ Snapshot. 

Ensure consistency of your brand values across all communications based on the words you choose. Understand where there are disconnects and opportunities to leverage your strengths.  A ValuesFinder
Benchmark sets an overall target to consistently achieve your best brand values voice, or helps you target specific values segment(s).

ValueFinder Optimize
We help marketers and communicators find the right words to impact values-based consumers with language that resonates and moves them to positive action while remaining brand authentic.  Our customers not only know what words will move their target consumers to positive action, but they can empirically measure how consistently they are delivering their own brand values across platforms.  Want your content to have a better chance of connecting and delivering results?  Optimize it for values using ValuesFinder

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